Task 14: Journal

5/1/2012 – Scheduling all these posts are a pain in the butt!

5/2/2012 – Having a hard time figuring out a logo!  This was mainly because I don’t really know what the manga is about, so I wasn’t sure what feel the logo should have.  The first logo I had I was going for a show opener type of thing, to show it’s a reality show, but it ended up too Broadway.  Then the next logo I spent the most time on ended up looking too witch like!  I ended up putting up a temporary one >___<  It might have been a better idea to have scheduled this after week 2!

5/3/2012 – Feeling INTIMIDATED.  After yesterday’s failure with the logo, I feel like maybe I’m not ready for this manga.  I’m not good enough of an artist!  My author pic didn’t look anything like I wanted it too. O___O


Task 13: Cover

Task 12: Drawing

I, Boo, agree to submit all my comic pages by the end of the week.

I will submit at least 1 page per day and understand the risks of not submitting a page.

All pages submitted will be final versions and I will not try to take them back.

My baby bunny from PetCo sleeps soundly.

Happy New Year.

Task 11: Layout

Task 10: Frames and Panels

Task 9: Script

Task 8: Support